Really fucking sad that people say they won’t vote for 5sos on the mtv buzzworthy thing because they don’t want them to be ‘famous’

Number one; this is fucking huge for them. This is mtv. This is kind of where we want them. Mtv is massive and them even being up for this is insane and totally unexpected.

Two; you can get the fuck out if you won’t vote for them soley because you don’t want them ‘famous’. Fuck ool. Fuck you. You can sit behind while we watch them succeed in what they wanna do. Do not even think yourself a fan of them if you say that. Just get out. You’re an unsupportive shit who shouldn’t even be talking like that.

And three; ‘famous’ is such a thrown around word that no one even knows the meaning of it anymore.

I’m fucking sick of seeing shit like this. Either support 5 seconds of summer n o m a t t e r w h a t or get the fuck out.